Eagle Strike  72-070:Augsburg Flyers pt I

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Scott Van Aken

We haven't really had much in the way of 1/72 sheets from any of the major US manufacturers, so it is nice to see that Aeromaster/Eagle Strike and producing a few now and then. This particular sheet is for the Bf-109 and the vast majority of schemes are for the F model. Now that produces a bit of a quandary for us as those 109F kits that have been produced are, shall we say, not exactly the cream of the crop in terms of quality and detail. Though I'm probably missing a few, the only kits I know of are those by Frog, Jo-Han and Italeri (which is someone else's mold, I do believe). None of them are up to the quality and accuracy level as those produced by Hasegawa. While it is possible to backdate a Hasegawa kit, it would be very nice to have a dedicated and accurate 109F in 1/72.

The basic camo scheme for all these is RLM 74/75/76 except where noted.

First is an F-4 from III./JG 3. Allegedly the upper wing is in a pattern of RLM 70/74/02 and that pattern is shown in the instructions.

Next is another F-4 from III./JG 3. Yellow 13 is in full Eastern front marks and a splotchy winter camo.

Similarly painted is this F-4/B from 1./JG 54, Brown 13, though without the yellow rudder.

In a most fetching design is this F-2 from 5./JG 54. Black 1 has the side in segments of RLM 02/76 with RLM 70 demarcation lines.

White 1 is a Sicily based JG 53 G-4 in standard Mediterranean markings.

With just a yellow lower cowling, this next F-2 is from Stab./JG 53

Finally, white 7 of 1./JG 3 has full Eastern Front markings on its standard camo scheme.

The sheet offers full insignia markings for all the aircraft on the sheet and enough full data markings for three of them.

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