Eagle Strike  72-066: Bf-109F/K Insignia

Units: all


$8.00 ($6.00 at NA Hobbies)


Scott Van Aken


What applied to the RAF insignia also applies to this one. This sheet is specifically for the Bf-109F/K and not applicable to the earlier versions. While the RAF sheets were based on size, these are based on sets, with upper wing, lower wing and fuselage insignia in each set. The various subtype of 109 and the matching set are shown on a chart that is included. It is up to the modeler to determine what set is most appropriate for the markings being used. A quantity of swastikas is also included. A nice touch is a Messerschmitt logo for one of your displays.

Review sheet courtesy North American Hobbies, where you can get everything at 20-30% below retail.

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