Eagle Strike 72-007 for Me-262B




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Scott Van Aken




Often overlooked by decal makers has been the Me-262B two seat trainer/night fighter. Eagle Strike presented this sheet as one of its earliest releases a couple of years ago(as you can see, it has a greyshade instruction sheet). Since then they have increased their output thanks mostly to the motivating force of Aeromaster (who really runs both companies) moving operations to Eagle Strike after Aeromaster's parent company went belly up. Don't be surprised to see some very 'similar to Aeromaster' sheets coming from Eagle Strike in the near future.

Anyway, this sheet is one that is quite useful to those doing the twin seat version. I have not shown the common markings on the decal sheet preferring to speed load time by not scanning those parts.

First is white 9 of III./EJG 2 in RLM 82/83 over 76 with RLM 82/83 mottling.

White S is also from III./EJG 2 and in a similar paint scheme as the one above. This one has nearly no mottling and a white swastika.

Red 10 is similar to the 262B night fighter conversions that operated in the last few weeks of the war. Only four of these radar equipped 262Bs actually saw combat according to the tome on Me-262s by Classic Publications. It is in overall RLM 76 with RLM 75 squiggles and black undersurfaces.

White 35 is another III/EJG 2 plane that was eventually captured by Watson's Whizzers and brought to the US for evaluation. It is in RLM 81/82 over 76.

Finally, red 8,  a night fighter of NJG 11 in overall RLM 76 with RLM 75 or 02 mottling and a black undersurface.

So, if you are hanging on to the Hasegawa, Heller, or Revell 1/72 Me-262B and haven't built it for lack of good decals, here is your excuse.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet.

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