Eagle Strike  48-232: In Defense of the Reich - FW-109A/F pt 3

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Scott Van Aken

Now for a third new sheet on late war FW-190s. This one has four options on it for the Tamiya or DML kits, though, as I've mentioned before, the Otaki FW-190A-8 isn't a bad kit either. Once again, unless noted, these planes all carried the standard RLM 74/75/76 camouflage, though often other colors were painted atop them. Full insignia and stencils for three of the four options if chosen carefully.

First up is Black 4 of 10.(jabo)/jg 54. This FW-190A-5 has a yellow rudder and lower cowling with light mottling. As with many early fighter-bomber units, it carries a bomb symbol on the aft fuselage. This plane has no outer wing guns.

Green 3 is an FW-190F-8 of an unknown unit. You'll notice a solid color fuselage with a replacement tail section. There is some red primer at the tail join and the aircraft carries the standard simplified late war insignia.

White 9 is an FW-190A-8 from Norway in 1945. There are lots of spots of RLM 75 and perhaps RLM 83 covering the fuselage that has been painted with a very low demarcation line. White spiral on the spinner with a white forward cowl armor plate. The black exhaust area is provided as a decal.

Finally, Kurt Buhligen's FW-190A-8 when Kommodore of JG.2 in late 1944. It has the upper surface colors brought much farther down than usual. No mottling and the usual yellow rudder and lower cowling. Note that the drop tank has the aerodynamic back portion removed. The white trim for the black exhaust area has been provided, but the modeler has to paint the area itself.

November 2005

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