Eagle Strike  48-231: In Defense of the Reich - FW-109A/F pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

For the second 'Butcher Bird' sheet, we have three subjects. Again, the Tamiya or DML kits are recommended, and again, you will probably find the Arii/Otaki A-8 variant to be an acceptable kit as well. Full insignia and data markings are provided for all three planes, though you may not need to use them all on some of the very late war planes. The standard paint scheme is RLM 74/75/76, though some aircraft modified this to some degree.

First is one of those planes. This FW-190A-8 is from an unknown unit with large hand-painted swaths of RLM 81 or 83 over the fuselage and wing upper surfaces. No airbrushing this one!. White 12 has the 'blown' canopy and yellow lower cowling with a black spinner with white spiral. Note that the backing of the spinner is in RLM 70 as is the case with all the others on this sheet.

Next is black 4, and FW-190F-8 of III./SG 10 in Czechoslovakia at war's end. Heavy side mottling with spots on the fin. This one has no outer wing cannon and no outer wing bomb racks. The rudder and a band around the nose are in yellow. Again, a black spinner with white spiral and the larger canopy as was typical of the F-8 variant.

Finally, an FW-190A-6 of Anton Hackl, Kommandeur of III/JG 11 in 1944. His aircraft has a broad yellow fuselage band and white tail section. Note that the horizontal stabs are not white and that the area inside the arms of the swastika are still in RLM 76. No side mottling at all.

Again, wing walk stripes are provided should you choose to use them.

November 2005

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