Eagle Strike  48-176: Mosquito Best Sellers

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Scott Van Aken


If one best sellers sheet is good, then two should be that much better! This sheet, like the last, is designed for the Tamiya kit, but since it is basically codes and insignia, these markings should work equally well on the Airfix or old Monogram 1/48 version. As with the last, there is a variety of camouflage schemes on the sheet and sufficient insignia for all the aircraft.

First up is 'Hairless Joe' from the 418 Sq RCAF in late 1944. It is camouflaged in the Dark Green/Medium Sea Grey scheme.

Next is a 45 Sq FB.VI (all the Mossies on this sheet are FB.VIs) in overall aluminum paint. It carries the SEAC roundels typical of those planes operating in India during 1945.

Also from 45 Sq, but this time the commanding officer's plane, is this nice Green/Dark Earth over Medium Sea Grey version.

Finally , from 235 Sq in late 1944 is this Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky aircraft. It still carries Invasion Stripes on the underside of the fuselages.

Another neat sheet from Eagles Strike.

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