Eagle Strike  48-175: Mosquito Best Sellers

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Scott Van Aken


Continuing with their Best Sellers series, this sheet covers four aircraft in various schemes. The recommended kit for these is by Tamiya, but I'd bet that the Airfix kit will wear these decals just as well without any problems. Same goes for the Monogram version.

First up is an FB.VI as operated in anti-shipping strikes around Norway using rockets during 1945. This aircraft is Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky.

From 248 Squadron comes this FB.VI that shared in the sinking of U-821 in June of 1944. It also has Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky with D-Day Stripes and a lighter grey area where previous codes were overpainted.

The sheet's lone NF.II is next and from 605 Squadron in 1943. It has Medium Sea Grey/Dark Green over Night camouflage.

Finally, From 1 Sq RAAF comes this overall aluminum painted FB.VI. It was involved in operations on Borneo during mid 1945.

The sheet provides enough insignia to model all the options and is sure to be well received.

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