Eagle Strike  48-144: Marseilles - A Star in Africa

Units JG 27




Scott Van Aken


Rarely have there been sheets done on just one pilot and this is one of them. Marseilles was definitely a rising star whose abilities to shoot were simply incredible. The man would bring down a handful of planes and return to base with lots of ammo still left! Anyway, the recommended kit is the Hasegawa version (which also has a Marseilles boxing), though the Airfix kit could also be used. Other than the depth of the sheet, this reminds me a lot of a Techmod sheet that also had multiples of Marseilles 109Fs on it.

All of the planes are either F-2Z or F-4Z, the F-2Z having the exterior tail braces. all have white noses, white fuselage bands and white wing tips (lower side only on the 'red tailed' aircraft), with yellow cowlings. The second scheme has what appears to be a red rudder, though many sources say this was actually a brownish primer. Only the first scheme has the white wheel rings. These were painted on to help keep down temperatures in the wheels from standing in the hot desert sun, though some sources state that it indicated tires with specially strengthened sidewalls. Since all these planes have the more powerful engine from the norm (hence the 'Z' in the subtype), they have the larger G chin radiator. You might also note that all the profiles show the right windscreen quarter window painted over. Not sure if this is accurate or not so check photos. Fortunately for us all, Marseilles planes were well photographed. All of these are in the desert scheme of RLM 78/79, colors which would fade a lot in the intense sunlight of the desert.

There are sufficient markings in this sheet to make all three options. Included are also some errata sheets for the numbers, though I couldn't see any difference in them!

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