Eagle Strike  48-139: Augsburg Flyers pt V

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Scott Van Aken


Continuing with the potpourri type of 109 sheets that Eagle Strike and Aeromaster are so fond of doing is this sheet. The suggested kits are from the Hasegawa/Hobbycraft family of kits, though for the 109Es, you could easily use the very nice Tamiya kit. Unless mentioned specifically, all of these planes are in the Standard Fighter Scheme of RLM 74/75/76. There are enough insignia for all and enough data markings for two planes.

First up is a 109G-6 of 9./JG 3 in mid 1943 in Germany. It has RLM 70 mottling and a yellow lower cowling. The nose is in RLM 70 with the spinner backing plate in RLM/70 and white or natural metal. The yellow spiral is provided as a decal as is the upper cowling marking, though the gun bulges will have to be painted black.

Yellow 1 is an E-7 from 9./JG 27 in Russia during 1941. It has a yellow lower cowling, gun troughs, wing tips, fuselage band and upper rudder. Part of the lower cowling is mottled.

This E-3 is from 11./JG 1. Black 4 is in RLM 71/02/65 with large fuselage mottles. The spinner is black with a red tip.

Finally, black 8 from 2/JG 1. This G-1 has a black rear lower fuselage and yellow wing tips.

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