Eagle Strike  48-133: Barbarossa 2 (Bf-109)

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Scott Van Aken


This second sheet on Barbarossa 109s concentrates on the 109F version. There are only two real options when it comes to what many pilots considered the best 109. Hasegawa produces the most detailed, though the Airfix kit isn't all that bad, especially considering how old the molding is. Why Tamiya hasn't chosen to do the later 109s is a mystery. Same for Hobbycraft. Typically, there are enough common markings for two planes and enough insignia for all three. The yellow fuselage bands are provided as decals, though you may want to paint those in place.

First up is an F-4 version from Stab./JG 54. This is in a temporary winter finish of white over RLM 76. It has a yellow rudder, lower cowling and wing tips. The green stab. markings are provided in a darker shade should you feel those to be more accurate.

Next up is White 2, a 109F-2 flown by Max Ostermann and shows the 33 victories he achieved by this time in the Autumn of 1941. It is in standard fighter colors with additional mottling in RLM 74/75. the engine cowling is entirely yellow as is the rudder, wing tips and fuselage band. The tip of the spinner is split into black and white.

Finally, an F-4  of the Geschwader Kommodore of JG 52, Hanns Trubenbach. The original fighter scheme has been over-sprayed with RLM 70. It has a full yellow nose and a fuselage band that is in a very forward position.

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