Eagle Strike  48-132: Barbarossa I (Bf-109)

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Scott Van Aken


After a long (for me) drought of no new 109 sheets, Eagle Strike has come to my rescue with this one, gleaned mostly from the Classic Books 'Jagdwaffe' series. These are 1941 aircraft so no G models in this and the following sheets. The recommended kits are Hasegawa and Hobbycraft, though one shouldn't overlook the Tamiya E when doing this sheet. There are enough insignia for all three options and enough common data markings for two of them.

First up is Black 12, and F-2 with 2./JG 54 in the Autumn of 1941. This one has the full range of Eastern Front markings (yellow wing tips, lower cowling and fuselage band), though the fuselage band is a right under the fuselage insignia. It is in standard fighter colors (RLM 74/75/76), but heavily mottled with RLM 02/70/79. Though the fuselage band is provided as a decal, it is recommended that this be painted on the model.

Yellow 6 is a 7./JG 54 plane from the winter of 1941. This F-2 has temporary white paint over its standard fighter colors. The nose is entirely in yellow and the fuselage band is even further to the front of the plane as was the previous aircraft.

Finally, an E-4B of 8./JG 77. Red 5 has been overpainted RLM 70 or 71 on the upper surfaces with RLM 65 on the underside. Some of the RLM 65 on the tail and on replacement panels show some of the original RLM 71/02/65 paint scheme. It has a red tipped spinner and being the Jabo version of the 109E-4, has a bomb rack on the underside.

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