Eagle Strike  48-121: Bf-109s of the Balkans pt 2

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Scott Van Aken


Here is the second sheet of yellow nosed 109s from the Adriatic and points east.

First is a Bf-109E-1 updated to a -7 from 5./JG 77. OK. Black 1 is in RLM 71/02 65 with a semi low demarcation line and no mottling at all. It has the standard Balkan markings of a yellow nose, rudder, lower wing tips and fuselage band.

Next is an E-7 of III./JG 77. Black L is a fighter bomber though no bomb rack is shown. It also doesn't have the rounded or pointed spinner of an E-7 if the drawing can be believed. It is in 71/02/65 and without mottling. The upper cowling is rather heavily overpainted or stained. Yellow rudder and lower wing tips only on this one.

From III./JG 77 is White D, another ground attack E-7 without the rounded or pointed spinner. This one is heavily mottled with standard theater markings. No fuselage band.

Finally another E-7 from Stab III./JG 77. No theater markings at all and again, no rounded or pointed spinner so commonly seen on this variant. The camo is indicative of a plane that has been repaired and returned to service. The third gruppe 'squiggle' is not well lined up.

As with the other sheet, the Tamiya/Hasegawa family of kits is recommended. Again, the Hobbycraft kit should work equally as well.

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