Eagle Strike 48-078: Jagdwaffe over the Sahara - Bf-109F

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Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet is full of desert painted Bf-109s. All are F models and in fact are actually all F-4/trop versions. All are painted in RLM 79 over RLM 78 with the fuselage demarcation lines at either the mid-point or quite low on the fuselage. All have white fuselage bands and all have the lower cowling painted yellow. All but one have white wing tips. The instructions state they are not sure if the white was both on the top and bottom or just bottom of the wing on a couple of them. The instructions state that they are unsure about aircraft 2, 5 and 6, however, there are only five aircraft on the sheet so they must mean 2, 4 and 5.

For dedicated 109F kits in 1/48 you have a choice between Airfix and Hasegawa. Though the instructions list a Hobbycraft kit, to my knowledge, they have not done a 109F.

First is one from 6./JG 3. This aircraft does not have the white wing tips and has a yellow front to the spinner.

From 2./JG 27 comes Red 4 of Lt. Stahlschmidt who had 59 kills before being killed himself in Sept 1944. It is unsure if his had white upper wing tips or not. He did have a white forward cowling.

From Stab II./JG 27 is Hpt. Lippert's 109F-4/trop, complete with full yellow nose. This aircraft did have white upper wing tips.

White 2 is from 6./JG 27 and flown by Obfw Shultz. This aircraft is marked in the same manner as Red 4 above and it is not sure if the upper wing tips were white.

Finally is Yellow 9 from 9./JG 53. It has a broader fuselage band than the others but is similarly marked as to White 2. Same deal on wing tip colors.

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