Eagle Strike 48-062:Too Little, Too Late...
Bf-109K-4 pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet is for the last version of the 109 to be mass produced; the Bf-109K-4. Such was the state of the war in the last 6-9 months, that often planes were flown as they came from the factory. This meant no unit markings as there wasn't time. Often all that was used to identify a plane were the portions of the serial number painted on the aft fuselage. Several of these aircraft are on this sheet. One other thing is that most of these planes have been done on sheets of other companies so it is quite possible that the dedicated 109 decal collector already has them in their collection...somewhere!

#186 is in RLM 83/75/76 with no mottling aside from the fin/rudder

Black 4 is a red tulip nosed plane from JG 52. Camo the same as above, but with a fin/rudder in a mix of 81/83/75/76.

White 12 is from 9./JG 3, complete with dark green or black Reich Defense band. Camo is in RLM 81/83/76.

Another JG 52 plane is this one with a yellow nose stripe and rudder. It is in RLM 83/75/76.

Finally, #5800 in RLM 83/75/76, though the instructions give no color info. The aft fuselage appears to be in RLM 02 primer with red putty between the sections. Lower wing is in natural metal except for the ailerons, wing tips and outboard flaps.

The only real 109K in 1/48 is the Hasegawa version.

Review sheet courtesy of my insatiable NEED to collect 109 decal sheets!

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