Eagle Strike 48-055: Augsburg's Flyers pt III

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Scott Van Aken


This is an interesting sheet that has a well rounded selection of Bf-109s on it. Without any further intro, I'll just get right into what is on the sheet.

First is a Bf-109E-4 from III./JG 3 in mid 1940. It is in the RLM 71/02/65 scheme with no mottling on the fuselage side at all and no other color.

Next is a Bf-109F-4 from JG 77. It is an Eastern Front plane from 1941 and carries yellow on the wing tips, lower cowling and fuselage band. It is in the standard RLM 74/75/76 of the period and according to the instructions, very dirty, especially on the lower fuselage.

Next is a Bf-109E-7 from I./JG 27 in 1941. This one is in the the tropical camo of RLM 79/80/78 with no fuselage mottling. It does have a full yellow nose and rudder with a white fuselage band.

The Bf-109G-14 that is next is from Stab III./JG 3 and in the standard RLM 74/75/76 with a white fuselage band. The canopy frame is RLM 66.

In late war colors of RLM 83/75/76 is this Bf-109G-10 from I./JG 3. It has a white fuselage band, the tall tail wheel, type 100 engine cowling and (according to the diagram on the back of the instructions) the narrower wheels and small wing wheel clearance fairings. This particular plane has no under wing crosses.

As you can see, much of this sheet is insignias and there are enough of them, it seems, for all five of the aircraft depicted on the sheet.

Review sheet courtesy of my insatiable NEED to collect 109 decal sheets!

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