Eagle Strike48-051:Augsburg Flyers pt 2

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

Anyone surprised that this is another 109 sheet? No? I didn't think so. All of these aircraft seem to have a common theme. They all have a yellow aircraft number. Could it be that the cost of printing has become such that colorful schemes are cutting into profit margins? If that is so, then how does one explain the red and blue?  A mystery to be sure.

Anyway, there are four aircraft on this sheet, all of them in varying degrees of the 'standard' scheme of the time; RLM 74/75/76 with varying degrees of mottling.

First is a 9./JG 3 Bf-109F-4 that has a worn white winter scheme. Yellow 9 caries the Eastern front markings of a yellow undercowl and wing tips, though no fuselage band. It has a white/green segmented spinner.

Yellow 13 is another F-4 version from III./JG 1 and does have the full Eastern front suite and a yellow rudder to boot. It also has a well worn white winter camo and segmented spinner.

From the Slovak Staffel of JG 52 comes Bf-109G-4 yellow 9. It has a replacement upper cowl panel in RLM 70 with 02 mottling. No undercowl yellow, but the Slovak colors are on a spinner band (you have to paint the white part).

Finally, a Bf-109G-6, yellow 1 from 6./jg 53. This Mediterranean based plane has the white fuselage band but is missing the white wing tips. It has a yellow lower cowl instead.k

Not shown is a small sheet with stencils for two of the aircraft.

Sheet courtesy of my obsession with the 109!

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