Eagle Strike  32-061: Rammjager pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

To go along with the next release of the Hasegawa 1/32 FW-190A-8, this sheet is dedicated to the heavily armored Rammjager fighters that were designed to attack the US bomber streams. Often these planes had the upper cowl guns and sometimes the outer wing cannon removed to make up for the additional weight of the armor plating.

This particular sheet covers three planes in various schemes.

First up is Red 1 from 5./JG 300 in a standard fighter scheme of RLM 74/75/76 with light mottling on the fuselage and tail. It is possible that this plane has had a lower yellow cowling at some time or other. The front of the drop tank is painted in black for some odd reason. This aircraft had no upper cowl guns, but it is not indicated if this area was filled in or not.

Next is Blue 4 from 12./JG 5. Also in the standard scheme, this aircraft has a yellow rudder with lots of kill markings and a blue spinner.

Finally, a late war 190 from 14./JG 54. Red 11 is in  RLM 81/83/76 with no mottling. It has a blue band around the nose and fuselage along with a red spinner. The armored forward cowl section is in what appears to be black.

These planes had armor on the forward cockpit section and a template is provided for you to make that out of plastic card. The notes indicate that only the first plane used this armor, though it appears to be shown on all three drawings. For those wishing to paint the fuselage insignia, a template is provided for that as well.

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