Eagle Strike  32-059: Battle of Britain Luftwaffe Aces

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Scott Van Aken


Moving onto an older airframe, this sheet has 109Es from the Battle of Britain. For kits, you have your choice between the Hasegawa and Matchbox versions. Though less detailed, the Matchbox has the better outline of the two.

First up is Rudolph Ruthenfelder's 109E-1 from 9./JG 2. His yellow 8 has a high demarcation line to its RLM 71/02/65 camouflage scheme. It is also possible that the scheme is 70/71/65 as the photo references make it difficult to tell for sure. The mottling on the side is in the upper surface colors. The spinner tip is in yellow.

From III./JG 51 is Werner Pichon-Kalau's E-3 variant in RLM 70.71/65.  His aircraft is exceptionally clean and appears to have the later E-4 canopy. I'd check references on this and the next one to be sure of this.

Finally, Helmut Wick's Yellow 2 from 3./JG 2. Though the instructions offer no color info for the main camo, his E-4 is probably in RLM 71/02/65. The heavy stippling on the side is in RLM 71 and was applied with a sponge so it will not have soft edges.

Enough insignia and data markings are provided for one aircraft.  Despite the statement on the cover sheet that the recommended kit is the Hasegawa  F-14A/D Tomcat, these markings are designed for the Hasegawa 1/32 Bf-109E!

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