Eagle Strike  32-058: Too Little; Too Late... Bf-109K-4 pt 2

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Scott Van Aken


With the release of the latest round of 1/32 109s from Hasegawa, it was natural that we'd soon see some new sheets for this late war variant. Some of these schemes may seem familiar and that is because they have been on various 1/48 sheets over the years.

First up is black 4 with the red 'tulip' nose from JG 52. It is painted in RLM 83/75/76 with a very complex pattern on the fin/rudder that inclued all the other colors plus RLM 81.

Next is Yellow 8 from II./JG 3 It is in RLM 75/83/76 with mottling only on the fin/rudder.

Black 186 is also in RLM 83/75/76 with the 'hard' splotches on the fin/rudder.

<1 is from III./JG 53 and has a yellow lower cowl along with its RLM 75/82/76 camo. The instructions say it may have been camouflaged in RLM 75/77 on the upper sides. Your choice on this one.

Not shown is a III./JG 27 aircraft with a green Reich's Defense band on the aft fuselage and RLM 81/82 uppers with a real scattered mixture of RLM 75/76/83 on the fuselage.

Since several of these schemes have color inside the fuselage insignia, Eagle Strike provides a template for the fuselage and upper wing crosses in case you'd rather paint these on. There is also a sawtooth leading edge pattern provided as several of these planes had this feature. There are basically enough data/insignia decals to do one plane.

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