Eagle Strike 32-041 for the Bf-109F

Units: Various


$9.00 ($7.00 at NA Hobbies)


Scott Van Aken

Yes, I know that (as of this writing), there isn't a 1/32 Bf-109F around, however, by purchasing an Aires conversion set, you can make the Hasegawa 109G-6 into the F you need for this sheet. Eaglemaster....err...Eagle Strike has done a butt-load of 109 sheets in 1/32. And why not?  The art work is already done for various 1/48 sheets and all that is needed is to size them up to 1/32. Easy and very cost effective. This sheet has three F models on it that most of us have seen before in other EagleStrike/Aeromaster sheets.

First is Yellow 4, a 109F-4 from 9./JG 3. This one has the usual Eastern Front markings and is also in a locally applied camo scheme of RLM 79/80/75 over RLM 78. Very colorful

Next is an F-2, flown by Hans Hahn. No unit information is given for some odd reason. The plane has a yellow nose and a yellow rudder typical of the Channel front.

Finally, another F-2, this time flown by Hans von Hahn (no relation), of I./JG 3. This one has a yellow nose, lower wing tips and rudder. The camo is standard RLM 74/75/76 with rings over the fuselage and tail. The cowling and rudder are splotched with various colors. Two different spinner spirals are offered as the actual color is unknown. A very interesting scheme indeed, and one that will be a challenge to paint

If you've wanted to do an F model and havent found deals you like, well here they are!

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