Eagle Cals 72 75 Bf-109K-4

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Scott Van Aken

For the second new 109K-4 sheet, we also see a few old faves and some new ones as well. Again, this sheet is available in all three major scales, but this sheet is the 1/72 version.

First up is Black Chevron from Stab III./JG 27. It is in RLM 75/83/76, which seems to have been a standard scheme for a lot of Ks so I'll call it the 'K standard'. It has the green JG 27 home defense band on the aft fuselage.

Next is Yellow 1 from 11./JG 53 in the K standard scheme, though the upper RLM 75 is a bit lighter than normal and could be RLM 77 (editor's guess). This has JG 53s black home defense band.

Black 8 is from 14./JG 53 in the K standard scheme. It also carries the Black home defense band of JG 53

Finally White 10, also in the K standard scheme is from 9./JG 27 with a smaller than normal green home defense band.

Many of these planes had an RLM 81/83 fin and/or rudder as these parts were made separately in small wood shops. You'll also find that quite a few 109Ks had the main gear doors removed and the tail wheel fixed in the lowered position with the tail wheel doors either made inoperative or removed.

I should also point out that most of the fuselage crosses are filled with dark green  and to my eyes, the sheet crosses all seem to be black.

Thanks to EagleCals for the review sheet

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