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Scott Van Aken

With the release of the new Hasegawa 1/32 Bf-109K-4, Eagle Cal (and undoubtedly others) is releasing a new sheet. Because of the popularity of the subject, this sheet is  available in 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32 scale. This is the 1/72 sheet. I'm sure the other sheets will have the same subjects as all the info on various upgrades and such in the intro makes no mention of 1/72 at all! But no problem as new 109 sheets are always welcome.

I have to say that there are a number of old favorites here that I've seen on other decal sheets, though not in this scale. For easily available kits, one is pretty well stuck with the Heller offering of many, many years ago. I'd like to think that Hasegawa would do a few later war 109s as we really need a good G-10 and K-4 kit in 1/72.

First is Yellow 1 from III./JG 3 in RLM 75/83/76.

Next up is White 5, a night attack aircraft from possibly NJG 11 in overall RLM 76 with RLM 83 mottling. This makes into a very nice aircraft as your editor has built a Fujimi 1/48 109K-4 in this scheme.

Yellow 8 is from 11./JG 3 and also in the RLM 75/83/76 scheme.

Finally, Green 9 from JG 27 with the RVD band in Green. It is also in RLM 75/83/76 and unlike aircraft 1 and 3 has a higher demarcation line and some fuselage mottling.

Thanks to EagleCals for the review sheet

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