EagleCals 4889: JG 300, pt 2 - FW-190s

Units: JG-300


$10.50 - also available in 1/72 and 1/32 Scale


Scott Van Aken

Moving along, here are some FW-190s, also from JG 300. These are all A-6/7/8 variants so kits are out there for this version. Two of these carry the 'Neptun' radar array, which isn't that difficult to reproduce if you are good with stretched sprue or wire. It would have been nice if the instructions had shown where on the wings the wing antenna went, but perhaps you can get that information from other sources. All of these are in the standard scheme of RLM 74/75/76.

Red 3 is the first example and is with 5./JG 300. Standard scheme with the name 'Kornjark' applied to the fuselage side.

Next is Yellow 18 from 6./JG 300. This aircraft has flash suppressors on the upper cowl guns and no DF loop antenna, though the base is there.

Third scheme is Red 21, one of the Neptun equipped aircraft from 6./JG 300. This FW-190A-6 had had much of the upper surface lightly oversprayed with RLM 76 .

Finally, also from 6./JG 300 is the second Neptun aircraft. This one has a red fuselage band, and you'll note that the armored head rest has been removed.

If you are careful as to which aircraft you do, you can do two of them from the supplied insignia

September 2005

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