Eagle Cals 4822: JG 4 (Sturm) Fw-190A-8

Units: II./JG 4




Scott Van Aken

The pilots of the sturmstaffels flew heavily armored aircraft in order to get as close to the Allied bombers as possible without being killed in the process. This not only included beefed up 'regular' armor, but also additional external armor on the outside of the cockpit and, in many cases the windscreen and canopy as well. The aircraft of choice was the Fw-190 with its radial engine providing additional protection. Often these planes removed some of the guns to help reduce weight and also had non-standard props for that extra bit of power.

All four aircraft on this sheet are Fw-190A-8s with the extra external fuselage armor. They are also all painted RLM 74/75/76 with black spinners and white spirales. All also have the JG 4 Reich Defense band on the rear fuselage.

White 16 has had the cowl guns removed and a wider wooden VDM 9 prop.

Blue 21 has the armored windscreen and canopy sides.

White 20 has armored windscreen and upper cowl guns removed with the troughs faired over. No outboard wing guns and a VDM 9 wooden prop.

Finally, Yellow 2 has upper cowl guns removed with troughs faired over and no outboard wing guns. Fuselage cross is filled in with RLM 74

Suggested kits are the Tamiya Fw-190F-8 modified to A-8 standards or the Dragon/Trimaster Fw-190A-8 (Sturm) kit.

Review copy courtesy of me.

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