Eagle Cals 4821: Fw-190D-9

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Scott Van Aken

This sheet is called 'yellow tailed 190D-9s' and that is mostly true in one form or another. Unlike some other sheets of theirs, this one only has enough common markings and data for one aircraft, though all have sufficient swastikas. There is no recommended kit, but your choices in this scale are Fujimi, Tamiya and Dragon in order of desirability and accuracy.

First is red 1 from 12./JG 54 is RLM 75/83 over 76. Note that this one has the early canopy.

Next is yellow 1 from 3./JG 26, complete with RVD fuselage band. This plane is in RLM 82/83 over 76. As with the previous plane it has a lower cowling in yellow.

Black 10, from 2./JG 26 has a yellow fin and rudder as well as the black/white Reich Defense band of JG 26. This is in RLM 82/83 uppers with a greenish RLM 76. The underside of the wings is in bare metal and an RLM 75 colored primer, though the control surfaces are in RLM 76

Finally, yellow 11 from II./JG 2 with the yellow and white Reich Defense band. This one has a number of different colors on the upper surface showing the mixture of pre-painted parts that were put on this plane, though the majority of the upper surface is in RLM 75/83. As with the previous aircraft, the underside of the wings is partially unpainted and partial dark grey primer.

Review copy courtesy of me.

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