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Scott Van Aken

Nothing like a nice Bf-109 decal review. This sheet has markings for four Bf-109G-10s. There are basically two kits available in 1/48 for this sheet. One is the still nice Revell/Monogram  version from 20 years ago and the much newer Hasegawa kit. I've not built the Hasegawa kit but can tell you that with a bit of aftermarket, the Revell kit is still quite good. The Revell kit comes only with the short tail wheel strut so you do need to be aware of that when choosing kits for various markings. The Revell kit also has the large extra rudder trim tabs so you may need to sand them off or down. Finally, it has the type 100 cowling. As a result, you cannot do the third option unless you do some modification. I don't know what the Hasegawa kit is like in this respect as I've never even opened the box on one to see, though the instructions intimate that it has the type 110 cowling. There is a nice addendum sheet included to show the difference between these two cowling types.

First plane is from 10./JG 51 and was flown to Sweden in May of 1945 in hopes of getting away from the Russians. I believe the Swedes turned over the pilots and planes to the Soviets after the war anyway. It is in RLM 75/83/76 and has had the previous tactical number painted out. No extra rudder trim tabs and it has the tall tail wheel. According to the instructions, it also has the narrower wheels so has the small wheel bumps. This means a wing swap with a G-6 kit to properly model it.

Next is one with a short tail wheel and no extra ruder tabs. White 3 was from I./JG 52 and painted in RLM 74/75/76. As with most 109G-10s it has the wide wheels and wide wing wheel bumps. There are rather grainy color photos of this plane on the back of the instruction sheet that you can use for a reference.

Blue 22 is rather colorful with its yellow rudder and nose. It has the type 110 cowling, tall tail wheel, extra trim tabs on the rudder and the large main wheels/wing wheel bumps. This II./JG 52 plane is painted in RLM 81/83/76 and appears to be polished.

Finally, Black <3 from Stab II./JG 52. It has yellow forward cowling and rudder  like the aircraft above. It has the rudder trim tabs, short tail wheel and large main wheels/wing wheel bumps.

There are enough common markings and stencils to do one of the four aircraft.

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