EagleCals 4813: Me-262

Units: KG (J) 6 & JG 7




Scott Van Aken

With the advent of the recently released fighter version of the 262 by Tamiya, this sheet should be in vogue. Though the sheet states that it is designed for the Monogram or Dragon kits, it should fit the Tamiya one without any problems. If you happen to have the ancient Lindberg 262, it may well fit that kit also. You do need to note a couple of things. First of all, the two KG(J) 6 jets have a later rudder with extended tab on the top. Secondly, all have rudders with the small rear position light instead of the clear lower rudder light as on early 262s. All seem to have all four guns in the nose, though it was not uncommon for fighter versions to carry just two. All of them are in RLM 81/82 upper colors with RLM 76 on the underside. Other than the first plane, the camo patterns are quite similar.

First is the initial III./JG 7 aircraft, yellow 5. As you can see it has bare metal engine fronts and on port engine, the upper cowling is in either a light grey or fresh RLM 76. The fuselage is heavily mottled; so much so that there is no distinct segmented pattern discernable.

Its stable mate is yellow 3. This plane is more typical of newer aircraft with a more standard paint scheme. The starboard quarter of the windscreen should NOT be painted over. EagleCals glitched this profile.

Next is yellow 5. The instructions state that earlier sheets with this plane on it were incorrectly identified as being from ISS 1 and having a green/blue id band. It has a yellow nose tip.

The very similar yellow 7, also from KG(J) 6,  has a yellow tip to the nose as well.

There are enough common insignia and data markings to do one plane from each unit.

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