EagleCals 4812: Bf-109G-6

Units: JG 300




Scott Van Aken

This sheet has four very interesting and different camouflage schemes. All are for the Bf-109G-6 and you have a wide range of kits to choose from. The sheet recommends no specific kit as these markings will fit them all.

First is yellow 1 in an overall RLM 76  with black undersides scheme with the Reich Defense band and RLM 75 squiggles over the entire upper surface. I used these markings in 1/32 and it made for a very nice model.

Next is Yellow 7 in RLM 74/75/76 uppers and sides with a black underside. Some areas are overpainted, such as the yellow rudder and the area around the tactical number. Wing gun pods are still in RLM 76.

Yellow 4 is in a similar scheme to yellow 4 but has a cleaner look and different squiggle pattern.

Finally, red 1 in RLM 75 uppers with large blotches of either RLM 66 or a home-brew dark grey. RLM 76 undersides with a very low demarcation line. This one has an Erla Haube canopy.

As with all Eagle Cal decals, the instructions are excellent and have photos of the planes in question whenever possible.

Sheet courtesy of the reviewer.

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