Eagle Cals 32 96: Me-262A-1

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Scott Van Aken


This second sheet also covers three late war Me-262A-1s; again from the April/May 1945 time frame. Though not specifically stated, I'd bet these are for the Trumpeter 1/32 Me-262. I see no reason why these markings wouldn't work for the Hasegawa or the Revell kit. They may need a bit of fudging to fit, but otherwise should be OK.

First up is the every popular Yellow 5 from KG(J)6. It has a splinter camo of RLM 81/82 over RLM 76.

Next is Yellow 3 from III./JG 7. It also carries the RLM 81/82/76 camouflage scheme. The fuselage band on this one goes up onto the fin. The yellow stripe between the band colors is provided as a decal.

The other Yellow 5 is also from III./JG 7 and also in RLM 81/82/83 though in a slightly different pattern. This one has an early rudder with the large tail light. It also has an unpainted engine front and either light grey or fresh RLM 76 upper access panel on the left side

The modeler will have to paint the JG 7 fuselage bands on both aircraft. The sheet includes enough insignia to do two of the options.

October 2005

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