Eagle Cals 32 95: Me-262A-1

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Scott Van Aken


Always nice to see a new sheet from EagleCals. Not only are they timely, but their markings are amongst the most well-researched around; often providing photos of the aircraft involved.

This sheet is in response to the new Trumpeter 1/32 Me-262A-1 and all depict aircraft used in the last two months of the war.

First up is Yellow 3 of II./KG(J) 54 in May of 1945. This one is RLM 83 upper and RLM 76 underside. The RLM 83 is very lightly applied so that you can still see that seam filler putty underneath in several areas. It has a yellow nose tip. The 'tadpole' fin camo is provided as decals, which is very much appreciated.

Next is Red 13, the aircraft of Heinz Bar when with III./EJG 2. The exact colors are unknown, but the folks at EagleCals postulate that it is RLM 74/75 uppers. Large red section on the nose.

Finally, is Black << from III./JG 7. This is Rudi Sinner's aircraft and is painted in the banded scheme of RLM 82/83 (second color could be 81), over RLM 76. This plane carried twin 21 cm rocket tubes under the nose

There are sufficient insignia to do one of the aircraft on the sheet.

October 2005

Thanks to EagleCals for the review sheet

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