Eagle Cals 32 92: FW-190F-8

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Scott Van Aken

This sheet is one for the ground attack FW-190F-8. There are two ways to get an F-8 variant in 1/32. One is to find the Revell kit and the other is to use the Hasegawa kit and aftermarket parts to update the A-8 variant into an F-8. Hasegawa apparently also has a dedicated F-8 variant if you wish to go that route. Eagle Parts has a number of bits that are useful in accurizing your 1/32 FW-190.

First up is Yellow 2 from Luftflotte 4 in the last month of the war. It has the blown hood common on 190s built since Jan 1945. It has a yellow cowl band and red oxide rudder, both of which will need to be painted on. The rest of the aircraft is in RLM 74/75/76.

Number two on the list is Green 7, from Stab.I/SG 4 in mid 1944. This is also in RLM 74/75/76 with patches of RLM 83 on the upper surface. It has the early canopy and no outer wing racks or guns. Partial lower yellow fuselage band, which the modeler needs to paint on.

Third option is White 11, from 1./SG 4 in Italy during mid 1944. This one is in the desert scheme of RLM 79/80/76. No outer wing guns and the partial white fuselage band will need to be painted. This early F-8 variant has the standard 'flat' canopy as does the previous and next option.

Finally, Red 7/Yellow 11from Luftflotte 4. An A-8 variant converted to F-8wing racks installed. RLM 75/83/76 with yellow cowl ring and rudder.

Two sheets in this one so you should be able to do most if not all the options on the sheet.

A really nice addition is a sheet of photos of all the aircraft depicted on this sheet. This is the sort of thing that makes Eagle Cals one of the leaders in aircraft research.

January 2006

Thanks to EagleCals for the review sheet

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