Eagle Cals 48-58: Fw-190D-9

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

With the release of the now new Hasegawa 1/32 FW-190D-9, sheets for it will become hot items (at least for a few weeks until the dust settles). This particular sheet has four very interesting schemes on it that will surely appeal to those who have scarfed the kit. There are two sheets in this set with enough common markings and insignia to do one of the four aircraft. If one desires to do the other three, then kit decals will have to be substituted.

First aircraft is from 7./JG 26 and is in RLM 82/83 uppers with that greenish RLM 76 underside that is often called 'RLM 84'. The forward secion of the lower wing is in RLM 75 as are the gear doors. Brown 18 has a yellow underside of the cowling and you'll also note that the rudder is in the regular RLM 76.

Next is an early 190D-9 (note the 'straight' canopy) from Stab./JG 4 with its black/white/black tail band. The black bands are provided as decals. Colors are RLM 75/83 upper with RLM 76 lowers. Some of that greenish RLM 76 has been sprayed in splotches on the nose.

<1 is from Stab IV./JG 51 in RLM 74/75/76. The forward section of the lower wing is in RLM 75. This aircraft has been carefully restored and is on display at the USAF Museum.

Finally a late war 190D-9 with a Ta-152 tail. This III./JG 2 aircraft is in RLM 81/83 scheme with the RLM 75 forward section of the wing with the rest in bare metal. Lower color is the greenish RLM 76. You'll have to wait for a later release of the Hasegawa 190D or an aftermarket company for that replacement Ta-152 tail as none is currently (early June 2003) available.

All in all a fine sheet and one that will surely sell out rather quickly.

Review copy courtesy of me.

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