Eagle Cals 167: Mosquito B/PR Mk IV

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$16.50 for the 1/48 sheet


Scott Van Aken

This latest set from EagleCals is the 1/48 sheet for the Mosquito B/PR Mk IV. The decals are available in 1/72 and 1/32 as well. I'm pleased that the 1/48 sheet was sent as I have just the aircraft kit for this one.

There are five options on this sheet with most of them in the standard scheme of dark green and ocean grey uppers over medium sea grey undersides.

The first option is LY-G with #1 PRU. This plane is sky grey/dark slate grey over PRU blue and is shown in its 1942 colors.

Next is GB-N, aB.IV with 105 Squadron in mid 1943. Standard colors. This one has nose art and is named 'Uncle Sam'.

AZ-Q is from 627 Squadron in early 1945 and has its red codes outlined in yellow. This aircraft also has a small nose art.

HS-F is from 109 Squadron and carries nose art. Named "the Grim Reaper" this aircraft has a black underside and is from 1944.

The final option is AZ-B from June 1944 so has a full suite of invasion stripes. Note that this is a Canadian-built Mk.XX so the camo shades may not be exactly the same as on a British built Mossie.

The sheet is superbly printed and provides enough data markings for a single plane and insignia for two. Most modelers will gravitate to the Tamiya kit for this one, but these will also fit the Monogram B.IV, despite its smaller fin. An excellent sheet and if you work in 1/32 it is available for the new kit in that scale.

October 2015

Thanks to EagleCals for the review sheet. Available in all major scales. Get yours at this link.

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