Eagle Cals 164: Do-335 'Pfiel'

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Scott Van Aken

This latest set from EagleCals is in 1/32 scale and covers the Do-335. For kits you have the H-K Models version as the only one I am aware of in this scale. I should mention that this sheet is also available in 1/48 scale.

There are four aircraft in this set, all of them in RLM  81/82 over RLM 76. All of these options are of test aircraft as the type was never issued to any squadron. In fact, only one was ever in combat and that was shot down in December 1944. All of these are Do-335 A-0 or A-1 variants.

102 is a captured plane from December 1945. One could build this in its 'pre-captured' condition as the markings ar provided.

105 is from April 1945

108 is the aircraft that was shot down on a flight to the test center to get some engine issues corrected in December 1944.

Finall, with a large unpainted metal area is 2/1 from April 1945.

There are two large and well printed sheets in this set. Oddly, for an American decal sheet, the swastika is printed in sections. The decals are printed by Cartograf so you know you are getting the best. Eagle Cals has superb instructions with full color placement guide and a bit of history on each plane.

April 2015

Thanks to EagleCals for the review sheet

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