Eagle Cals 163: FAA Corsairs

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Scott Van Aken

This latest set from EagleCals is in 1/32 scale and covers British Navy's use of the F4U-1 Corsair. You have several kits available for this including the new F4U-1A from Tamiya. Note that all the options have the framed 'blown' canopy. I should mention that this sheet is also available in 1/72 and 1/48 scale.

There are three markings options in this set, with each option pretty much getting its own decal sheet. This is because the insignia are so huge that they take up much of each sheet. Keep in mind that British Corsairs had the wing tips clipped so the planes would fit below decks on the smaller British aircraft carriers. Apparently all the aircraft have VHF radios as there doesn't seem to be a long wire shown and at least one has an upper 'whip' antenna while all have this type of antenna on the underside. FAA Corsairs also had additional cooling scoops for the radio compartment.

The first is one from 1836 NAS in January 1945 aboard the HMS Victorious. This plane is painted in olive drab, sea grey and sky, all US equivalent paints. There are several code options provided as these changed during the life of the plane. Two different shades are also included.

Next is an overall gloss sea blue plane from 1842 Squadron aboard the HMS Formidable. This has the large SEAC insignia and also seems to have carried an unpainted metal centerline fuel tank.

Finally an 1843 NAS plane from the HMS Arbiter in March of 1945. This one has standard FAA markings. It is also an overall gloss sea blue.

So there you have it, three markings options for your next big Corsair kit. The decals are printed by Cartograf so you know they are among the best. Eagle Cals has superb instructions with full color placement guide and a bit of history on each plane.

April 2015

Thanks to EagleCals for the review sheet

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