Eagle Cals # 128: FW-190As

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$17.50 for 1/32, 15.00 for 1/48


Scott Van Aken

The latest sheet from EagleCals is for early FW-190As. There are four different options on this one, all with yellow lower cowlings and full or near full yellow rudders. This is the 1/48 sheet with these same aircraft available in 1/32 for the PCM kit. No kit is listed for 1/48 though it should be easy enough to backdate any FW-190A-3 kit on the market.

The first option is for Yellow 2 of 9./JG 2, an FW-190A-2 flown by Kurt Nowak in the Sprint of 1942. This one is in RLM 71/02 over RLM 65 though the instructions hint that it may have been in RLM 74/75/76. It includes a large eagle over the exhaust area. A photo of the aircraft is included in the instructions.

 Next is Blue 6, and FW-190A-1 with 10./JG 2. This aircraft has no outboard wing guns and no protruding barrels for the wing root guns. This is also camouflaged in RLM 71/02/65. A pair of photos are in the instructions.

The third option is in RLM 71/70/76 with only the bottom of the rudder in yellow. This seems to be a repaint. This FW-190A-3 also has no outboard wing guns. It was the normal aircraft of Heinrich Krafft who was with I./JG 51 at the time. This aircraft has a yellow fuselage band as well.

Finally, White 6, an FW-190A-2 of Otto Kleinert. This aircraft was assigned to 7./JG 2. It has outer wing guns and an A-1 syle canopy bracing and is also painted in RLM 71/02/65.

The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf. There is a full stencil suite and the instructions have a full stencil placement guide. There appears to be enough insignia for two planes. Some of the markings and swatikas have the white printed separately to ensure proper registration.

EagleCals instructions are in full color and provide a short detailed description of the aircraft and any differences from the norm.

June 2010

Thanks to EagleCals for the review set

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