DXM Decals DXMD72005: F-18E VFA-137 CAG 2011"





Review By:

Scott Van Aken


For appropriate 1/72 F-18E kit

The other new sheet from DXM Decals is this one for the 2011 CAG bird of VFA-137 'Kestrels'. 137 was one of those units that came into being with the F-18's initial introduction, and while several of the others have gone away, 137 is still with us. For the CAG bird, a 'digital' camouflage scheme, something that is gaining popularity, especially with uniforms, is used on this one. It is limited to the upper surface of the aircraft and over the standard two greys applied to the F-18E.

This set includes all of the markings you will need to duplicate this scheme so no need to be concerned about painting what is a rather complex scheme. There are two options in terms of the schemes that differ only by what is around the cockpit. A full set of stencils and the usual insignia are included for this one aircraft. For kits there are a bunch, including Hasegawa and Italeri. Unless I missed it, there is no specific kit listed on the instructions. To ensure you get them on with little trauma, there is a placement sequence provided. These decals are superbly printed by Cartograf so you know the quality and ease of use are first class.

October 2012

Review sheet courtesy of http://www.thepmw.com. Please note that they are working on an English version of their website which should be up sometime soon. This sheet may also be known by the number on the cover: 21-7205. I use the one on the decal sheet itself. These decals are also available at http://www.dxmdecal.com/

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