DXM Decals DXM41-4115: 1/48 Mirage 2000D - EC 3/3 60 Years




EC 3/3

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Scott Van Aken


DXMD 48012

Though the Rafale is the current most modern fighter in the French Air Force, before that there was a succession of Mirages. The last of that line was the Mirage 2000 that was developed into a standard fighter, fighter-bomber, and nuclear bomber. It was the Mirage 2000D that was the fighter bomber version, sort of a French Strike Eagle as it holds a two man crew and can carry quite a warload if it has to. This aircraft, for all intents and purposes, replaced the Jaguar in the strike role as well as those few Mirage VF's that were still around.

One of the longest serving units in the French Air Force is EC 3 which was formed after WWII. As is now sort of expected, when a unit reaches an anniversary, at least one plane is specially painted to commemorate that event. For EC 3/3 that was aircraft #630. Since European special schemes are designed to be displayed while flying (unlike most US schemes which are usually designed to be viewed on the ground), the underside of the aircraft has a huge unit badge and there are large upper wing markings as well. The unit mascot is also portrayed in a very large size on the either side of the fusleage and the centerline tank has gold trimmed markings as well. DXM provided all of these on this sheet along with all the stencils you will need to complete the scheme. For kits, about the only two seat Mirage 2000D I know about is by Kinetic and it builds a B, D or N. The decals are printed by Cartograf.

If you are looking for something a bit different from the norm, then this is an option that you should consider.

Check with your local retailer about getting this sheet in.

November 2014

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