Decals by AMtech: 48105 for Hs-123

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Scott Van Aken

This sheet is for the 1/48 HS-123. For kits, you can either get the AMtech Hs-123, in which case you wouldn't need to buy this sheet, or the Italeri/ESCI version, which does need a decent decal sheet. Italeri has just added the HS-123 to its latest round of ESCI reboxings so those of you who can't find or don't want the AMtech kit, can now do the original.

First is a four colored early scheme plane (RLM 61/62/63 over RLM 65) from 3./JG 165 in 1937. Next is one from 5./LG 2 in Belgium, 1940. This plane has an easier to paint RLM 70/71/65 scheme. Also in that scheme is one from FFS Schule A/B 71 in 1941. This and the next scheme are without wheel spats. The next is an aircraft from 4./SchG 2 in Russia in 1942 and is RLM 70 (or 71) over RLM 65 with large yellow areas. The final scheme is a post war Spanish plane from 1945 in overall silver with a blue cheat line. A very fetching scheme. The decals are superbly printed and most colorful.

The instructions for the decal placement are right out of the AMtech kit so are superbly done. A fine sheet and one that will come in very handy.

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