Cutting Edge 48-266: Bf-109B/D pt 3




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Scott Van Aken




This is the third sheet and contains markings for four more early 109s. If you are wondering why they are mostly D-1 versions, then that is because most of the early birds were the D version. Only a few hundred B and C variants were built.

First up is the famous shark-mouthed D-1 from 2./JGr 176 during the early days of the Polish invasion. Most everyone I know who has built an early 109 either has or will do this scheme! Standard camo of 70/71/65.

Next is an early Kondor Legion 109B-1. This one will have the large wooden prop and is painted RLM 63 over RLM 65. Note that the exhaust area is painted black on this one.

From 2./JG 71 comes this rather standrd looking D-1 in RLM 70/71/65. This aircraft was also probably flown during the Polish Campaign.

Finally, from 3./JG 21 in East Prussia is Yellow 1. It also operated during the Polish Campaign and has a black spinner with yellow stripes. This is provided as a decal, for painting this would be beyond most of us!

A great sheet and one that should find a happy home in your decal stash!

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