Cutting Edge 48-265: Bf-109D pt 2




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Scott Van Aken




The second of the triumvirate of  early 109 sheets is this one that covers four different aircraft.

No early 109 sheet is complete without a Spanish Civil War aircraft and the first one is Gotthard Handrick's D-1 variant, coded 6*56. It includes his 1936 Berlin Olympics markings on the spinner. His aircraft is painted in RLM 62 on the upper surfaces and RLM 65 on the underside.

Next are two D-1 versions used as night fighters during the early part of the war. These were based with 10 and 12 (N)./JG 26 while in Norway during 1940. They have been overhauled and painted in the then-standard scheme of RLM 71/02/65 scheme with no mottling. N+7 is Johannes Steinhoff's aircraft. He later went on to much success later in the war.

The fourth aircraft on the sheet is from 1./ZG 2 during August 1939 and is in standard colors of RLM 70/71/65. As with most aircraft of the period, unit and special badges were probably only carried on the left side, but markings for the other side are provided just in case.

The only kits that one will want to use in 1/48 are those by Hobbycraft/Academy. There are some old Falcon and conversion kits, but those are best left for collectors.

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