Cutting Edge 48-264: Bf-109B/D pt 1




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Scott Van Aken




What we really needed was a new set of decals for early Bf-109s and Cutting Edge has done three of them! This is the first one and covers three planes in various camouflage schemes. As you probably know, the colors of these early planes has often been an area of much discussion, and while I guess we'll never know for certain, this sheet provides what is probably the most recent (mid 2004) agreement on the subject.

First up is the 109D-1 of Werner Molders, who went on to much greater things a year or so later. His 3./J 88 aircraft is painted RLM 62 on the upper surfaces and RLM 65 undersides. It has the usual white wing tips used by the Germans during this conflict and also a red spinner.

Next is a 109B-2 of Wilheim Staege of 2./J 88. His aircraft is in the splinter pattern of RLM 63/63 uppers and RLM 65 undersides. As was typical of many Kondor Legion 109s, this one has the area around the exhaust painted black.

Finally a JG 131 109D-1 as used during the invasion of Czechoslovakia in early 1939. This one is in standard Luftwaffe splinter pattern of RLM 70/71 upper and RLM 65 undersides. The white markings on the fuselage and upper flight surfaces were used as ID markings during the invasion.

Overall an excellent sheet so grab one of your early 109s off the shelf and get to work!

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