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Scott Van Aken


Over Czech Territory #4


Here is an interesting sheet for the Bf-109 enthusiast. These schemes were taken from a JaPo book of the same name and offer a variety of late war types and camouflage. As with most Cutting Edge decal sheets, there is a small insert that gives some salient features of the aircraft depicted. On the other side of this insert is a very good placement diagram for data markings. With most late war planes, it is doubtful if most of the ones aside from where fuel and oil were installed were applied. It was also quite common for them to be painted over during field application of camouflage. There are no notes for White 4 so one can assume that none are needed.

I'll cover the aircraft as they are shown to the left.

First is White 4, a 109G-10 from KG(J) 54. Undoubtedly part of the airfield protection for the 262. Though no notes are given, the colors appear to be RLM 74/82 over 76. The blue/white band is provided as a decal.

Next is white 33. This is a G-14 from an unknown unit, but judging by the high tactical number was probably a training unit. Again, no exact colors are given, but it appears to be RLM 74/83 over 76. There is a large section of the aft fuselage painted in RLM 02

Yellow 7 is another G-10 in RLM 81/82 but with a cowling in RLM 75. This JG 300 aircraft looks like it is in a scheme chosen by the R-M G-10 box art.

Finally a very unusual G-6, again from KG(J) 54. This aircraft has a mix of 74/75 and 83 on the upper fuselage. The large spots are in RLM 02 or 76. As with white 33, this one has just a white outline swastika on the fin.

We are not without kits for these aircraft. Most will go for the Hasegawa G-6/10/14, but you can also use Fujimi for all of these, Hobbycraft for some of these, and the Revell kit for the G-10

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