Cutting Edge 48-087: Luftwaffe Special #2:
Bf-109 and Me-262

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Scott Van Aken

This is a nice sheet that combines two aircraft types in one. Guess they figured there wasn't enough of either type to make a new sheet or they were left over from others. Anyway, there are plenty of quality kits for both types so finding one won't be a problem.

First up is a Bf-109G-10 from KG (J)6. This one has a red/black checked fuselage band. I can only assume that this plane was part of the airfield protection flight as KG(J)6 was flying the Me-262 at the time.

Next is an often seen Bf-109G-6 of Anton Hackl, the Gruppenkommaneur of III./JG 11. His aircraft has a yellow fuselage band and the white tail that was often carried by Reich Defense units.

The first Me-262A is from I./KG 54 and is in RLM 83 over 76. The only distinctive marking is the yellow nose front. At least one of the engines had a bare metal forward section.

From JV-44 comes this Me-262A in what I guess is RLM 83 over 76 with the 83 being applied in an uneven fashion as in the above aircraft. The individual aircraft number has been overpainted in either RLM 02 or 75 before the new one applied. The black fin tip and nose are indicative of its previous use in KG 51. Note that this plane has the earlier rudder.

Review copy courtesy of me.

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