Sheet #

 Leading Edge 48085 for 1/48 Bf-109K-4




JG 52, unknown, I./JG 27, 9./JG 77

Review By:

Scott Van Aken


While there are those that complain that there are already too many Bf-109 sheets, I don't agree, and neither does Cutting Edge, who provide us with a great sheet for the late war Bf-109K-4. For those of you that have the JaPo book on the 109K, you will be somewhat familiar with these schemes as they all come from that book. If you don't have itů.get it!

Typical of the late war, some of the camouflage info is a bit tenuous and in doubt. In fact, a few of these schemes are based on only one side of the aircraft so much is supposed. To their credit, Cutting Edge tells you in the instructions any of their doubts so that you, the modeler, can make a final decision. As a for instance. The first scheme is for a JG 52 aircraft. It is difficult to tell from black and white photos just what color the 'tulips' are on the aircraft, so Cutting Edge gives you alternates.

The sheet is very well done and in register. There are even 'wavy line' decals for the leading edge of the aircraft. The instructions state that they are in RLM 76, but they appear darker than any of the RLM 76's I use. It is great that they are there, but one needs to either darken their paint, or use a brand that most closely matches the decal to get full use of them.

Though there are six sets of crosses, it really is only possible to do one aircraft from them. Were there more room on the sheet, I would ask Cutting Edge to provide another set of green crosses as the others can easily be obtained from the kit or aftermarket insignia sheets.

That little comment aside, this really is a super sheet and can be recommended to any 109 enthusiast. It looks perfect for the new Hasegawa 109K!