Sheet #

 Cutting Edge 48052 'Me-262'




III./EJG 2, 1./KG(J)54, Unknown unit 

Review By:

Scott Van Aken


For DML 1/48 Me-262's


As if there aren't enough decal sheets for the Me-262, Cutting Edge has provided yet another one. This one covers three different 262s and includes some schemes I have not seen before. Of the three aircraft, two are single seat A versions and one is a B trainer.

The first aircraft is white 7 from EJG2 in a very nice scheme of RLM 83 upper over RLM 76. This scheme also includes the 'tadpole' style of tail markings which were actually stenciled on. This is included as a decal which really helps as having to mask that would not be fun. What is not included as a decal is the yellow fuselage band which you will have to paint or use an aftermarket decal stripe set to duplicate.

The 262B is next in line as B3+SH from KG(J)54. This aircraft has a very striking lightning bolt on the forward section. It is also a single upper color, which could be RLM 81 or RLM 83 with RLM 76 undersides. The fun of doing late war Luftwaffe is that there is always a question of exact color shades. This way you can do the one that you like the best!!

Finally, is a very interesting 262A from an unknown unit. It is speculated that this is from a recce unit. Overall color is either RLM 76 or a light primer grey. It is supposed that the upper wings are RLM 70 squiggles over a lighter color such as RLM 71 mixed with RLM 76 or RLM 02. As to the rest of the scheme, the instructions go into much speculation as to the actual colors used. This one will be fun to paint!

While the instructions recommend the DML kit as the one of choice, I don't see why the Monogram kit couldn't be used as well for the single seaters.