Cutting Edge 48040: Swiss Bf-109s




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Scott Van Aken

This may be a reprint or updated sheet, if a low sheet number means anything. If not, then it is something I'm very glad to see. The sheet contains no fewer than 13 options and it recommends Hobbycraft for the early 109s, Tamiya for the E models and Hasegawa for the Gs. Of course, there are a number of other kits that can be used if you so wish. This sheet is also available in 1/72 as 72040.

Included is a rather comprehensive data sheet. Apparently most Swiss 1009s were different in a number of ways from the standard German versions. This includes different guns, control columns and props among the most visible differences. None of the modifications seems overly complex so most should be able to make the changes without too much trouble. The instructions also include some notes on specific aircraft and a stencil placement guide. The sheet also provides options for a wide range of markings options as Swiss 109 markings did change over the years.

There are two 109D-1, one with the full 'neutrality stripe' markings from 1944 and the other in what is basically a delivery scheme.

There are also two 109G-6s. One in standard RLM 74/75/76 with full neutrality stripes and the other in RLM 71/medium brown over RLM 76. This has the stripes only on the wings.

The rest are 109E-3s. Most have unit badges on the nose and one has a very nice shark mouth. Again, the markings range widely from the delivery scheme to the full red and white band treatment which makes these aircraft so popular with modelers!

From the look of things, you can do one of the options on the sheet. It includes all the red bits for the full neutrality scheme. The modeler will have to paint on the white portions, except for the fuselage bands. If another set of rudder crosses had been supplied, you could do both a delivery and later scheme. The rudder has to be painted to match the decal. Though I'm biased, I'd have to say this is the best sheet on the subject I've every seen.

 July 2006

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