Cutting Edge 32082: Ju-87D/G Stuka Attack pt 1




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Scott Van Aken


For the Hasegawa 1/32 kit

From Cutting Edge comes this sheet for the Hasegawa 1/32 Ju-87D/G kit. These three options are in the basic RLM 70/71/65 paint scheme, at least to start with!

First is a D-1 from II./StG1 during the winter of 1942/43. Russian front markings in yellow for the fuselage band and lower wing tips as well as the spinner point. This has been whitewashed, leaving most of the markings uncovered. No need to be neat with the white on this one.

Next is a D-8, possibly from NSGr 10 Yellow rudder and nose band with a yellow 'V' on the wing. No wheel covers with this one and it has flame damper exhaust (which is easy enough to make with tubing.). Cutting Edge provides a mask for the underwing 'V', which often wraps around to the upper surface. Spinner is black with a white spiral.

Finally a Ju-87G from 10.(Pz)/SG.3 in Latvia during summer 1944. Yellow lower wing tips and a white spinner with a black spiral.

The kit provides full instructions on applying the markings and there are enough to do one of the options. You'll also note a small addendum sheet. This provides the proper serial for the second option, corrected or optional codes for the last option and an alternate badge for the first.

June 2007

Review copy courtesy of Cutting Edge

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