Cutting Edge 32-072: Me-262A Stormbirds part 3




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Scott Van Aken



The third sheet covers four aircraft. Like the others, it is designed for the Trumpeter kit.

First up is a very early bird with Erprobungskommando 262, the unit designed to get the aircraft up and running. It is in overall RLM 76 and has an early rudder with the large tail light area.

Next is white 17 from EJG 2. This aircraft is in RLM 74/75/76 with unpainted metal engine cowlings and exhaust areas.

An unpainted Me-262A as piloted by Hans Fey is the next option. This has some areas in RLM 02 primer and all the joins have filler paste. The aircraft originally had bomb racks when handed over to the Allies.

Finally, B3+BC from 7./KG(J) 54 in what appears to be RLM 74 over 76, though I'm sure the wings were in the standard RLM 74/75 splinter. A yellow nose and unpainted starboard forward cowling.

The sheet does not include the white upper wing insignia for two of the options so those will have to come from the kit decals.

November 2005

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