Cutting Edge 32-069: FW-190 Part 2




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Scott Van Aken



This second new sheet on the FW-190A covers the FW-190A-6/8 variant. The recommended kit is the Hasegawa version as I don't think anyone else does an FW-190A in 1/32 scale. All are in the standard fighter scheme of RLM 74/75/76 that was in used during 1943/44.

First up is Black 13 of 'Pips' Priller as flown during the D-Day invasion of June 1944 while with stab./JG 26. His FW-190A-8 has yellow on the rudder and lower cowling with a black design over the exhaust area. The white trim for this is provided on the sheet.

Yellow 12 is an FW-190A-8/R-2 from 6./JG 300 and has the armored windscreen and forward fuselage carried by a number of aircraft from this unit. A red tail band and yellow nose are part of the scheme. Alternate unit badges are provided.

Finally Adolf Galland's FW-190A-6 from the fall of 1943. Aside from his markings and the yellow lower cowling, it is about as standard a fighter as you'll see.

There are enough stencils and insignia to do one aircraft and a very good stencil guide is supplied with the instructions..

September 2005

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